Goodbye 2014

As everyone looks back fondly on a year that has come to a close, I have to conclude that my 2014 was...alright. There were plenty of my wonderful moments documented heavily across all forms of social media. What I didn't document, however, were the bouts of stress, feeling overwhelmed, the pressure I put on myself. Although there were no negative life changes, I spent some time feeling drained by the shifts in my career, worrying whether or not I was good enough, and fearing that I'm not prepared for my own future. 

I'm going to make sure my 2015 is different. 

It feels cliché to make changes in one's life because of a date on the calendar, but I suppose any reason to improve oneself is a good one. If last year was my year of worry, I want to make this year my year of peace. Maybe I'll find peace through meditation. Maybe I'll find it through essentialism. Maybe I'll find it through self-reflection. Maybe I won't find it at all, but I figure it's worth a shot. 

And in the meantime, I'll continue enjoying (and sharing) those inevitable wonderful moments.